Center Yourself and Reconnect using Secular Mindfulness

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Center Yourself and Reconnect using Mindfulness

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Our Mission
To equip you with practical and effective tools that will help you cultivate happiness, focus, and resilience through mindfulness retreats.

All of our teachers have years of experience teaching secular mindfulness to people from all walks of life and are dedicated to helping you progress in your practice.

Meet Your Guides
Meet Your Guides

Rhoda, Yau Yan Wong

Rhoda has been teaching mindfulness to children in Satit Kaset IP, the laboratory school of Kasetsart University for over 8 years.  She is also conducting classroom research about the development of a mindfulness-based curriculum that enhances children’s emotional intelligence.  She also teaches parents how to practice mindfulness with children so that they can cultivate harmony in their families.

Siri Chandler

Siri grew up in Bangkok and spent 15 years teaching in international schools.Having experienced the benefits of mindfulness training and realizing the need for it in our increasingly stressful, busy, and technologically distracted society, Siri decided to branch out from her profession as a classroom teacher to bring mindfulness training to children, parents, and educators.

Margaret Van

Margaret teaches mindfulness based courses to adults and children. An anthropologist by training and a lover of languages, she is interested in fine tuning her teaching to students from diverse linguistic, cultural and social backgrounds. As a lifelong practitioner of yoga, Margaret incorporates movement into her classes.

The Setting

The retreat will take place at the Onusa Resort in Pranburi, Thailand. The name “Onusa” in Thai means “the early light of dawn.” Which is why Garry Cooper, the owner, was inspired to choose his wife’s name since the resort is situated on beachfront facing east hence witnessing the ever changing start of the day.

The Coopers embrace Thainess , especially Thai living style and architecture. Originally the antique Thai house was their personal holiday home. Guests can now share their living style, hospitality, and passion for everything Thai.

I work with Rhoda at my current school and joined the mindfulness group which she manages for teachers there. She really helped me take my meditation practice to the next level. I’ve been meditating on my own for more than fifteen years, with mostly just books for guidance, and had reached a point where I couldn’t progress any further without answering some of the many questions I’d developed over the years. Rhoda helped to set me back on the right path and to figure out many of the issues I had which only an experienced teacher could. I’m so lucky I was able to meet her. Conor Flynn

Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher, Satit Kaset International Program

Siri has had a positive effect on our school in so many ways. She has taught a very popular introduction to mindfulness class to teachers, support staff and administration. As a result many of our staff are practicing mindfulness for themselves and have commented that it has had a positive impact on their teaching and personal life.  We have been privileged to have Siri teach mindfulness lessons in many of the classrooms.  The students and teachers love her lesson and look forward to them.  In fact, word has gotten around about Siri’s lessons and there is always more teachers clamoring to welcome her into their classrooms than she has time for.  She inspired me to pursue further mindfulness training so I can also teach it to children.

Shari Dixon

Elementary Counselor, NIST International School

I’ve been practicing mindfulness with Ajarn Rhoda for almost two years now and it has had a transformative effect one my life. Learning to be mindful has helped to free me from feeling like a victim of my own mind; caught up in negative thought loops that often left me feeling angry, resentful, or helpless.

Through mindfulness practice, I’ve learned to live with much more awareness in my body and to identify less with my thoughts. As a result, I am relaxed and present enough throughout each day to experience many small moments with deep feeling and gratitude.


Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher, Satit Kaset International Program

Margaret is an exceptional teacher who walks the talk. She teaches from the heart and seeks to connect to those whom she teaches, with warmth and sincerity. S.D.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Margaret’s classes. She’s a teacher to behold.


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